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    International Students Enrollment Guide

    for Full–time Undergraduate Students


    About GDUFE


    Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE) was founded in 1983. It consists of two campuses with a total land area of about 160 hectares. The Guangzhou campus is within walking distance to the Canton Fair, and the Foshan campus is located within the Sanshui Forest Park.

    GDUFE is a key provincial institution of higher education. Because of its strong expertise in economics, management and law, GDUFE is now listed as a leading educational provider of high-quality academic and research programs as well as an important base for social service in South China.

    GDUFE has:

    -- a floor space of 700,000 square meters

    -- over 125.32 million RMB yuan worth of facilities and equipment for teaching and research

    -- a collection of more than 5 million books and over 1,240 digital resources

    -- over 27,600 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students

    -- a teaching staff of more than 1,200 (including 211 professors, 398 associate professors and 499 doctorate degree holders)

    -- a post-doctoral research centre


    1. Disciplines and Programs

    GDUFE has developed a multi-disciplinary education system in economics, management, law, humanities, science, engineering and arts.

    -- 3 first-class disciplines: Applied Economics, Business Administration and Law

    -- 57 undergraduate programs

    -- 35 academic master programs in Law, Statistics, Applied Economics, Business Administration, Management Science & Engineering, English Language & Literature, and Marxist Theory

    -- 7 professional master programs in Business Administration (MBA), Public Administration (MPA), Law (LLM), Finance (MF), Insurance (MI), Accounting (MPAcc) and Taxation (MT)

    2. Training of Specialists

    -- GDUFE Economics and Management Experimental Teaching Centre: the National Demonstration Centre for Experimental Teaching and the National Centre for Virtual Simulation in Experimental Teaching

    -- the Experimental Zone for Entrepreneurial Training: the National Experimental Zone for Educational Methods of Innovation

    -- the Training Base for Outstanding Legal Specialists

    -- the National Education Base for University Students' Cultural Character

    -- the Practical Teaching Base for Economics (jointly run with Guangzhou Local Tax Bureau): the National Practical Teaching Base for University Students

    -- the Economics and Management Cross-disciplinary Experimental Teaching Team: the National Teaching Team

    -- the National Top Rated Course: Integrated Operation of Enterprise Simulation

    -- the National Model Course of Bilingual Teaching: International Trade and E-commerce Logistics

    -- a pilot unit for postgraduate course design and development sponsored by China Ministry of Education

    -- the Provincial Model Institution for Undergraduate Education of Application-oriented Economics and Management Talents

    -- the Provincial Model Institution for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education

    -- 2 Provincial Synergetic Education Platforms for Internationalized Talents of Accounting and Taxation

    -- top rate and high quality of employment with favorable appraisal by employers


    3. Scientific Research

    -- 3 provincial research bases for humanities and social sciences: the National Economy Research Center, the Research Institute for Law and Economic Development, and the Research Center for Guangdong Local Public Finance

    -- 2 municipal research bases for humanities and social sciences: the Research Base for Guangzhou Modern Logistics and E-Commerce Development, and the Research Base for Guangzhou Urban Literature and City Culture (co-established with Guangzhou Municipal Government)

    -- 1 provincial platform for collaborative innovation: the Collaborative Innovation and Development Center for the Financial and Hi-Tech Industries in Pearl River Delta

    -- 2 provincial research bases for decision-making consultation: GDUFE Research Center for Innovation in Open Economy, and GDUFE Research Center of Trade Logistics and E-Commerce


    4. Social Service

    GDUFE has established long-term cooperation with both government and non-government sectors.

    -- with Guangzhou Social Science Association: the Guangzhou Center for Collaborative Innovation in Modern Logistics and E-commerce

    -- with Guangdong Bureau of National Taxation and Guangdong Bureau of Local Taxation: the Research Center for Guangdong Tax Collection Service

    -- with Guangzhou Centre for Integrated Financial Service: the Nansha Free Trade Zone Base for Financial and Hi-Tech Innovative Development

    -- with Shanghai Zhengda Company (a Hong Kong-listed stock): the Micro-finance Research Center

    -- with Guangzhou Local Taxation Bureau:  the In-Service Training School for Tax Personnel

    -- with the Tourism Development Research Center of Guangdong Province: the Collaborative Innovation Center for Agglomeration and Development of the Tourist Industry in Guangdong

    -- with the Standing Committee of Qingyuan Congress: the Legislative Evaluation and Consultation Base

    -- with Humen Town: the Dongguan E-commerce Research Institute

    -- with Guangdong Welfare Lottery Issuance Center: the Research and Practice Base for the Social Responsibility of Guangdong Welfare Lottery

    -- with Guangdong Taxation Society and Boztax Information Technology Co. Ltd.: the Research Center of Internet plus Finance and Taxation

    -- with Guangzhou Technology and Finance Integrated Service Center Co. Ltd.: Guangzhou Research Institute for Collaborative Innovation in Technology and Finance


    5. International Exchange & Cooperation

    GDUFE attaches great importance to the internationalization of higher education, and has established partnerships with more than 70 universities and educational agencies all over the world.

    -- 2 Overseas Faculty Training Bases: at Pace University, USA, and at the University of Western Australia (UWA)

    -- 3 Platforms for Joint Scientific Research: the Sino-European Economy Research Platform with Uppsala University and Stockholm School of Economics, the Constitution and Public Finance Research Platform with Taiwan University, and the Basic Laws Research Platform with City University of Hong Kong and Macao Polytechnic Institute

    -- GDUFE English Teaching and Research Center for International Education Programs

    -- GDUFE Center for International Education Exchange, which consists of seminar rooms, English workshops, Discover America, Discover Australia and Discover Europe

    -- the System for International Education of Application-oriented Top Talents:

     implementing 39 programs of joint education: 17 dual-degree programs, 11 short-term exchange programs, 7 vacation programs and 4 paid internship programs)

     implementing 3 articulation programs: Sino-America 1+2+1 dual-bachelor experimental class in international business, GDUFE-UWA 2+2 dual-bachelor experimental class in finance, and GDUFE-UOE (University of Exeter) 2+2 dual-bachelor experimental class in financial management

     3 Overseas Bases for Practical Teaching: in Germany, New Zealand and Israel

     GDUFE Goethe Language Center in collaboration with Goethe Institute: the only authoritative base for German language study and examination in South China.

      the membership of the University Alliance of the Belt & Road Initiative

     the Sino-US 1+2+1 Program Base for Experimental Training of Innovative Talents


    NoteData was calculated on 15th April, 2017.


    Enrollment Plan



    Undergraduate program



    Bilingual Teaching


    Business English

    School   of Foreign Studies


    Chinese + English



    School   of

    Business   Administration


    Chinese + English


    International Business

    School of Law


    Chinese + English



    School of Finance


    Chinese + English



    (International Economic


    School of Law


    Chinese   + English


    Chinese   Language and


    (Business   Chinese)

    School   of Humanities

    and   Communication


    Chinese   + English


    Note: At present, we can only provide 100 rooms for international students on Guangzhou campus. Applications will be processed on a “first come, first serve” basis.


    Length of Study


    4 academic years (minimum: 3 academic years; maximum: 7 academic years)


    Fees and Payment


    1.   Tuition: 19000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 2800 US dollars)

    2.   Accommodation (single-room):

     16000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 2400 US dollars) -- free-of-charge water, electricity and boiled drinking water, but charged hot bathing water

     12000 RMB yuan per academic year (about 1800 US dollars) – charged water, electricity, boiled drinking water and hot bathing water

    3.   The tuition and accommodation fees shall be paid in RMB by cash or by bank card on one-academic year basis on the day of check-in and registration.


    Note: The international student who is sufficiently proficient in Chinese and thus capable of studying with the Chinese students in the same class can apply for any undergraduate program at GDUFE. Tuition in this case is 40% off, i.e., 11400 RMB yuan per academic year (about 1700 US dollars).


    Application Deadlines


    May 15 for fall intake



    • non-Chinese nationality

    • age 18-45

    • senior high school graduate

    • in good physical and mental health

    • be friendly to China.

    • English proficiency: IELTS minimum 5.5, or TOEFL IBT minimum 70, or pass the GDUFE interview in English (Native speakers of English are exempt from the English language test)

    • Chinese proficiency (if applying programs in Chinese): HSK 5



    Application Documents



    2. one photocopy of the applicant’s valid passport

    3. one photocopy of the applicant’s senior high school transcripts and diploma, which are certified by the applicant’s senior high school (A notarized Chinese or English translation is demanded if the original version is in other languages. The graduating applicant can provide an original pre-graduation certificate issued by his or her present senior high school.)

    4. Recommendation Letters by the president and one teacher of the applicant’s senior high school

    5. STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT (see Attachment 2 for a template)

    6. four passport photos

    7. Study and Research Plan in GDUFE

    8. Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship Application Form (if apply) (See Attachment 3)

    9. IELTS or TOEFL (IBT) scores report (if already obtained)

    10. one photocopy of HSK certificate and of HSK score report (if applying programs in Chinese)

    11. publications (if applicable)

    12. award(s) that can prove the applicant’s merit (if applicable)


    Application Procedures


    Step 1: By May 31 (for fall semester), or before November 10 (for spring semester), the applicant should post, email, fax or hand-deliver his or her application documents to the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of GDUFE.

    Step 2: GDUFE will interview in English the eligible applicants (internet or face-to-face) at a time and place to be notified later.

    Step 3: GDUFE will issue and courier to the candidate the following documents: Study-in-China Certificate, Admission Notification, Information for Admission, and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).

    Step 4: The candidate should apply for a X1 or X2 visa by submitting to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate the above-mentioned Study-in-China Certificate, Admission Notification and the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202).

    Step 5: The candidate should check in and register at GDUFE at the beginning of each semester, starting date of which varies in each semester, pay the tuition and accommodation fees, and thereby become a GDUFE student.


    Contact us


    Address: Office of International Exchange and Cooperation,

    Guangdong University of Finance & Economics,

    21 Luntou Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou 510320, Guangdong Province,

    P. R. China

    Contact Person: Carrie Lee

    Tel: +86 20 8409 6080

    Fax: +86 20 8409 6140

    E-mail: fao3@gdufe.edu.cn

    Website: http://www.plastichangers.cn/


    Study and Graduation Requirements


    See the teaching plans of relevant undergraduate programs (Attachment 4).


    Information for Admission


    1. The international student should pay by cash or by bank card the tuition and accommodation fees in RMB on one-academic year basis on the day of check-in and registration.

    2. Within 30 days since the date of entering into China, the international student shall apply, with the assistance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff, for the Residence Permit at Guangzhou Public Security Department. If the international student prefers to off-campus accommodation, he or she should apply for permission by GDUFE, and then, with the assistance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff, go through the registration formalities at Guangzhou Public Security Department.

    3. Upon successful registration as a GDUFE student, the international student shall, with the assistance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff, accept physical examination at Guangzhou Health Care Centre for International Travel. If he or she is diagnosed as suffering from severe mental disorder, contagious tuberculosis, or any other infectious disease that is likely to cause serious harm to public health, the public security department will handle the case according to the relevant law of the People’s Republic of China.

    4. The international student is required to buy insurance under the guidance of GDUFE foreign affairs staff. Any new international student who fails to be insured will not be admitted. Any international student who has already studied at GDUFE but fails to obtain insurance will be required to indefinitely suspend study or will not be registered again.

    5. The international student should abide by China’s laws and regulations, respect the Chinese ethics and customs, observe the rules and regulations of GDUFE, and finish school within 3-7 academic years.

    6. The international student enjoys the same facilities and medical services as the Chinese student, but does not enjoy any scholarship or grant that is provided for the Chinese student only. Any international student who has been registered as full-time undergraduate for bachelor-degree studies, and is excellent in comprehensive performance, can apply for Guangdong Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship (10000 RMB yuan per academic year).

    7. The international student is encouraged to take part in the cultural and sport activities which are beneficial to mental and physical health. He or she can also volunteer to participate in the public services and the events of celebrating China’s important holidays and festivals.

    8. Upon approval by GDUFE, the international students can gather to celebrate their own country’s important traditional festivals within the designated location and scope on GDUFE campus, provided that such celebrations do not oppose or attack other countries/nations, or offend public morality.

    9. Upon approval by GDUFE, the international students can set up campus clubs of fellowship, and carry out activities within the scope as specified in China’s relevant laws and regulations, provided that such campus clubs are subject to the guidance and administration by the GDUFE Office of Student Affairs.

    10. GDUFE respects the ethnical customs and religious beliefs of the international students, but does not provide religious service facilities. Religious activities in any form are strictly prohibited on campus, which include, but are not limited to, missionary and religious assembly.

    11. While studying at GDUFE, the international student can participate in the Work-study Program on GDUFE campus, but is not allowed to take up any occupation, or to engage in trade, or to carry out any other profit-making activities.

    12. After graduation, the international students who are excellent in comprehensive performance can apply for employment or entrepreneurship in China.




    For more information, please feel free to contact us,

    or visit http://www.plastichangers.cn/


    You are welcome to apply for studying at

    Guangdong University of Finance & Economics (GDUFE),

    a prestigious institution of higher education in South China.



    广东财经大学国际学生入学申请表 (application form ).docx


    经济保证证明 (Statement of Financial Support).docx


    广东省政府来粤留学生奖学金 (Guangdong Government Outstanding   International Student Scholarship Application Form).docx

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