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    A Delegation from the Institute of Finance Management, Tanzania, visits GDUFE

    Release Date: 2015-12-22

    On the morning of December 15, 2015, Godwin Daniel Mjema, the President of the Institute of Finance Management and Tadeo Andrew Satta, the Executive Vice President of the Institute of Finance Management, visited Guangdong University of Finance and Economics(GDUFE) . Prof. Wanghua, President of GDUFE and Prof. Du Chengming, Vice President of GDUFE met the guests in the First Meeting Room on Guangzhou Campus.

    According to the developing strategy of “the belt and road” and “win-win cooperation”, and on the basis of the long-standing Sino-Tanzanian friendship, the two universities had a very deep discussion on the following topics: setting up of the “Chinese Research” Program, dispatch of GDUFE teachers to open and teach a new elective course:Chinese Mandarinein the Institute of Finance Management, the joint implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education and the education program of international students in China, research cooperation in the field of Finance and Economics.

    After the meeting, the guests visited the Pioneer Park and the new library in GDUFE. 

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